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Want to get your hands on some Kinky Stuff?

Well, there's an obvious gag in there but we wouldn't stoop so low.

Here's how to get your hands on stuff.



If you want to know who currently stocks our products drop us an email and we'll let you know where you can get hold of some.

You can also try Bike It in Scarborough:

But why wait?! Get Yours Now!

Why go all the way to the shops when you can buy your very own Kinky Chainstay Protector right now! Use our Paypal purchase option - we take all major credit cards and it's totally safe and secure!

Pick a colour, click the button, and before you know it, you'll be the proud owner of your very own Kinky Chainstay Protector!


If you have any problems or queries about anything - don't be shy! E-mail us on the following for details: