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New stuff...
Check out our Chainstay Protectors,
We've got our full range of chainstay protectors coming any day now but just check out the handsome good looks and quality these babies fire off...

Coming soon...
We've got loads of products lined up but we're not letting them feature until we're totally happy to let them loose. Keep your eyes peeled here for first viewings...

Sidecar Frames...
We test ran a prototype sidecar frame recently - full story shown beneath as recorded by a few magazines, but to check out how it looks and performs then go here, to see some video footage now!




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Why go all the way to the shops when you can buy your very own Kinky Chainstay Protector right now! Use our Paypal purchase option - we take all major credit cards and it's totally safe and secure!

Pick a colour, click the button, and before you know it, you'll be the proud owner of your very own Kinky Chainstay Protector!






KINKY CHAINSTAY PROTECTORS will effectively prevent,scratches and nicks to your much loved frame.

The KINKY CHAINSTAY PROTECTOR will also reduce the noise of the chain slapping.

Designed to fit most frames Genuine KINKY CHAINSTAY PROTECTORS give much more protection than the average chainstay with our
trustworthy rubber KINKYBIKES.COM logo. Giving your much loved frame the protection it deserves. KINKY CHAINSTAY PROTECTORS are made from heavy duty neoprene, rubber & thread.
metallic green
metallic blue

dessert camo

jungle camo
leopard print
zebra print




And what the magazines have to say...

Singletrack Magazine said this...

  and Singletrack Magazine said this...