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So, then, the big question on everybody's lips... Who the hell are KinkyBikes?!

Kinky Bikes started from the obsessive desire of all things bicycles from its founder Jez Wilkinson (HipHop/Reggae Aerosolik Records Label Boss).

Jez teamed up with Base Bikes / Bike It in Scarborough and the rider orientated company has plans for further products in the future but has a run before it can walk policy! In other words, we don't want to put the Kinky Bikes logo onto crap!

At any opportunity Jez goes riding in his local trails at Dalby Forest and pops up around the county wherever there's riding to be had.

So with testing out ideas and products you never know what Kinky Bikes will come up with next.

So people, look out for the Kinky Bikes van (if you see it, go over and get yourself a sticker) and keep the passion - Keep it Kinky!



Yes. It's the worlds biggest sticker vending machine.
The KinkyMobile.
(Like an ice cream van but without ice cream and full of stickers instead)